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Green Roof Substrates

Green Roof Substrates are specifically engineered for different types of roof greening, both for domestic and commercial projects

Our growing media mixtures have been carefully designed to contain various properties essential for their purpose. For green roof substrates this includes;

  • Low bulk density
  • Ability to retain sufficient water for plant growth
  • Ability to be free draining to prevent saturation
  • Low nutrient content to prevent excessive plant growth
  • Sufficient porosity (ensuring good aeration within the growing medium)

All our green roof substrates contain recycled secondary aggregates (like crushed brick) and an organic component (soil / compost), which are blended together in different ratios for various green roof substrate blends.

Our green roof substrate blends are modified to suit the majority of Green roof applications so please get in touch with us for the best substrate for your project.

01536 510515